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Accessories and Hardware for stair balustrade newel and handrail installation

Rail & Post Fastener with Oak & Hemlock 1" Plugs

#3101 Sure-Tite Newel Fastening System

Suretite Newel Fastener

The #3101 Sure-Tite Newel Fastening system is designed for “flush-mounted” newel posts.

  Without cutting a hole and dropping the newel shank down into the framing, the Sure-Tite is the strongest newel attachment available.

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Cost per Each: $ 11.54

The 3301 Rail & Post Fastener is most commonly used where the application restricts the use of a rail-bolt.

Cost per Each: $13.01

For Metal Baluster installation.  10.2fl/oz Tube.

Cost: $ 3.11 each

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Dowel Screw 5/16" X 2-1/2"

Dowel  Screws
5/16” X 2-1/2”
For the installation of pin top balusters without dowels.  Also works w/3000 Rail Bolts. Recommended driver: DSDRIVER516.

Cost:$.24 Per Each

Dowel Screw 1/4" X 2-1/2"

Dowel  Screws
1/4” X 2-1/2”
For the installation of pin top balusters without dowels.  Recommended driver: DSDRIVER14.

Cost:$.20 Per Each

Rail Bolt Driver2

Rail Bolt Wrench

Cost per Each: $13.46

#3000-5 5" Rail Bolt
#3000 3-1/2" Rail Bolt
Dowel Screw or Hanger Bolt Drivers Dowel Screw Driver DSDRIVER14

3006 Newel Bolt

The #3006 Newel Anchor Bolts are wood-threaded both sides.  Bolts are 1/2” X 7” long.

DSDRIVER516 or HBDriver516
 5/16” Dowel Screw or Rail Bolot Driver

 1/4” Dowel Screw Driver

Cost:$44.30 Per Each

Cost:$44.30 Per Each

2900W Rail Bolt Wrench

Cost: $ .66 each

3001-RB kit:  $ 1.67 each
Includes Oak/Poplar
 Plug & Plastic Washer.

Cost: $ .95 each

Note:  Rail Bolts with 1” Flush Plugs are included with handrail fittings.

Cost per Each: $14.68

Cost per Each: $ 9.10

Cost per Each:  $ 2.73

3075 Flush Mount Kit
3075 Newel to Handrail Flush Mount Kit

Cost per Each: $6.98

Stepdoctor Tread Installation

3009 Newel Anchor Kits

The Step Doctor is a one of a kind tool used for installing treads and risers. It has a few moving parts and is nearly indestructible.
Cost per Each: $ 84.28

The #3009 Newel anchoring kits are available in oak, maple & cherry  for 3” and 3-1/2” newel posts.  Includes metal L-brackets and dadoed base wrap.


Item No








Misc. Hardwoods


3" Newel Anchor Kit









3-1/2" Newel Anchor Kit









5” Newel Anchor Kit








*Hemlock 3009 is 3” and 3009A is 3-1/4”.    Misc. Hardwoods covers Brazilian Cherry, walnut, hickory, birch, alder, Sapele mahogany and soft maple.

Handrail Scraper

#306010/6210, 306310, 306519                           Scraper.             For Smoothing and cleaning handrail profiles at connections and bends.

Cost per Each:

Scraper 6010 - $ 21.87 Scraper 6210 - $ 21.87 Scraper 6310 - $ 21.87 Scraper 6519 - $ 21.87

3043 Handrail Scraper handle

#3043 Scraper Handle

Attaches to Scraper for better control.

Cost per Each: $80.69


#3072 Starting Newel Attachement Kit 

Cost per Each: $10.84

Unique to the Industry!  Patented hardware allows for sturdier and easier installation with a starting step.

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